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Mountain Lion roars onto Macs

The newest operating system has hit the Mac. Is it worth the upgrade? Plus: Netflix has a new rival, and Nintendo still can't catch a break.

Mountain Lion roars onto Mac computers and Netflix is getting some new competition:

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Mac users can now upgrade their operating systems to version 10.8. The official CNET review praises Mountain Lion for its cloud functionality and useful updates to some core apps. However, a lackluster gamecenter and a dictation feature that requires an internet connection are a bit disappointing. So should you upgrade? If it were any more than $20 we'd say no, but the price for this update is just right.

Apple also announced its Q3 earnings, and while iPad sales soared, a drop in iPhone consumption caused the company to fall short of growth expectations. You can probably chalk the iPhone dip up to the fact the everyone knows an iPhone 5 is on the horizon. But then again, here we are feeling bad for a company that's reporting 23% year over year growth.

Netflix is about to have another competitor later this year. Redbox is teaming up with verizon to start and going by the name "Redbox Instant by Verizon." It'll be a hybrid service offering movies for streaming and downloading in addition to Redbox's already 36,800 kiosks. Still, a lot is up in the air about how much the service will be and which studios have signed on.

Things just keep getting worse for Nintendo these days. E3 left most gamers unimpressed with the company's outlook, and now Nintendo is reporting nearly a 10 percent decrease in revenue year over year. All this is on heels of the update to the 3DS -- the 3DS XL -- that will be released in August. We're not sure the bigger screen is enough to intice new customers though because people won't buy portable consoles unless there are great games to play. Up until now, the 3DS has only offered a handful of must own titles.

Finally, JC Penney's CEO Ron Johnson announced that the retailer will switch to an all-RFID sticker platform next year, allowing for mobile checkout anywhere within the store. This plays into the company's efforts to use new technology to improve customers' overall shopping experience.

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