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Motz MP3 players return, squirrels rejoice

Cowon Japan is helping to distribute a boutique line of Motz MP3 players, concealed within wooden acorns, photo frames, or a DIY package.

Photo of the Motz acorn MP3 player.
The Motz Acorn MP3 player is one of three Motz brand designs for sale through Cowon Japan. Cowon Japan

The quirky, DIY-friendly line of Motz MP3 players have been keeping a low-profile ever since we reported on them back in March of 2007, and recently suffered the unfortunate fate of being dropped from their Japanese distributor. Fortunately, Motz's Acorn, Ino, and Photo MP3 player models have been picked up by Cowon Japan, giving the products a new distribution channel.

The manufacturer's lowest-priced model, the Motz Ino, sells for 6,800 Yen (approx. $70) and includes all the basic components for creating your own customized MP3 player. The premise is that you'd use the Motz Ino to turn some random object (a stuffed animal, Altoids tin, day-glo fanny pack) into an MP3 player. If you're lacking in creativity, the Ino's packaging can also double as a makeshift case.

At 7,800 Yen ($80), Motz sells an MP3 player in the shape of an acorn. The appropriately named Motz Acorn is made from hand-carved wood, and includes a leather necklace (for that natural look) and an embedded 1.5-watt speaker.

Finally, for a whopping 8,800 yen ($91), you can get a Motz MP3 player shoved into a tasteful wooden photo frame. The Motz Photo uses a clear acrylic front that holds photos in place using four rare earth magnets. The back of the frame includes a speaker, along with controls for volume and track skip.

(Via Akihabara News)