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Moto's mobile music

Motorola rolls out new music service.

Motorola Rizr

Motorola today announced a new music service that partners with Microsoft and Warner Music Group to bring your favorite tunes to select Motorola handsets. MotoMusic eventually will allow users to download music over 3G networks and organize it on their phones with other music-related content. The service will debut initially on the Motorola Rizr, the company's spiffy slider handset based on the Motorola Rizr line and the Linux-based Motorola Ming, aka the A1200.

Motorola Ming Motorola

The Rizr will be compatible with Microsoft Windows Media Player subscription stores. Users will be able to sync Media Player files between their phones and their computers using a USB cable. The Rizr also will be compatbile with more than 200 other music stores. The Ming comes integrated with a RealPlayer music player and offers multiple file audio support and an FM radio.

Motorola's alliance with Warner Music Group will bring additional music content to the devices including full-length songs, ring tones, music videos, and wallpapers. Meanwhile, the Moto Experience will be available to phones as a single file download that will bring even more music-related content.

Moto didn't announce exact pricing and availability as of this writing, but we expect to see MotoMusic by the middle of this year. The company also expects to introduce several 3G handsets that will allow users to download music wirelessly over an operator's 3G network.