Motorola touts Yahoo deal, new handsets

Company is adding new products and services so that consumers can access more Internet-based services and content. Photos: Motorola piles on more gadgets

Marguerite Reardon Former senior reporter
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Marguerite Reardon
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Motorola continued to introduce new products and partnerships on the second day of its annual MotoNow media event being held outside Chicago.

The company kicked off the show on Monday with a series of new gadgets including the Moto Q super-thin phone, wireless eyewear and plans for WiMax products.

On Tuesday, Motorola kept the ball rolling by unveiling a series of products and services intended to help home and business users access more data and stay connected whether they are on the road or in their home.

First, the company announced it will collaborate with Yahoo so that consumers using Motorola's Linux-based mobile devices and broadband products can access Yahoo services and content. The companies plan to make Yahoo's services available to key operators supporting Yahoo. The services are expected to be available to consumers in major markets starting in 2006.

Motorola also announced Tuesday three new handsets--the A910, A728 and A732--Linux-based products designed for mobile workers. The A910 offers Wi-Fi connectivity so that users can roam between GSM, GPRS and wireless local area networks. The A728 offers features such as intelligent handwriting, speech-recognition dialing, a "Power Word" dictionary and Yahoo Messenger. Equipped with a sliding keypad, the A732 enables users to write characters with their fingers and send the handwritten notes as text messages. The device also learns each user's writing style and supports basic gesture commands for editing and switching between languages.

And finally, the company announced that Vonage will offer the new VT2442 voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway to its Internet telephony customers. The VT2442 powers up to two lines of telephone service and supports popular features such as call waiting, call forwarding and caller ID. It also includes a home network router, offering four Ethernet ports for connecting computers or gaming consoles, and an advanced firewall for Internet security.