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Motorola Q Pro: same hardware, new software

Motorola announces the Q Pro, which includes a new software bundle for mobile professionals.

Motorola Q Pro
Motorola Q Pro

Without much fanfare or hoopla, Motorola quietly (so quiet that even some of the Moto staff didn't know the release went out) announced yesterday the official availability of the Motorola Q Pro. This corporate-centric version of the Q essentially keeps the same hardware (although now cloaked in black) as the original Q but adds some key software solutions for business users, including the DataViz Documents to Go suite for viewing and editing Microsoft Office documents, Motorola's Mobile Security Platform with VPN support, a firewall, intrusion detection, and data encryption. In addition, the Motorola Q Pro will come packaged with additional accessories, such as a car charger, a wired stereo headset, and a 512MB mini SD card loaded with all the original software. The Motorola Q Pro is available now, and a version without a camera will also be offered.