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Motorola H680 is one tiny Bluetooth headset

Motorola H680 is one tiny Bluetooth headset.

Motorola H680
Motorola H680

The Motorola H680 is a fashionably compact Bluetooth headset that was released at CTIA this year. Clad in vacuum metal and a black-gloss finish, the petite H680 only weighs about 0.42 ounces. It comes with a charging case that's made of clear plastic and the same vacuum metal material, which can be plugged into a wall or car charger. If you keep the headset in it when you carry it around, the headset's battery life will last longer. The rated talk time for the Motorola H680 is about 8 hours, while rated standby time is up to 8 days. It's expected to be available in the third quarter of this year.