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Motorcyclist caught going 150 mph: The machine made me do it

A Miami Beach teen, filmed by police going at ridiculous speeds on wet roads, says "the motorcycle took control of me."

Guerra, explaining the phenomenon of his bike. CBS Miami screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

We complain that machines are desperate to control us. The truth, though, might be a little more complex than that. We've always been weak in the face of gorgeous technology that might have insidious intentions.

The case of Santiago Guerra Pineda might offer evidence of this. Guerra, 19, has a rather powerful piece of technology -- at CBR 600 Honda motorcycle. No, I've not ridden it. But I have just watched footage of him going at more than 150 mph down a Florida freeway.

As CBS Miami reports, Guerra seems to have been a little fast for police. The dashcam footage shows him going so speedily down the wet I-75 near Naples last week that one police officer believed it was too dangerous to try and follow him. Police only caught up with him when he ran out of gas.

You might imagine that this was youthful, irresponsible exuberance. Guerra doesn't dispute that he might have been going more than 150 mph.

He told CBS Miami that there was a reason for this speeding: "The thing is when you ride the motorcycle you can't let the motorcycle get control of you and at that moment the motorcycle took control of me and I just kept going faster and faster."

This surely beats "the dog ate my homework," "it's not me, it's you," and "someone hacked my Twitter account" as an interesting attempt at not merely passing the buck, but drop-kicking it from a considerable distance. Perhaps his bike held within it some sort of engineering poltergeist.

He continued to explain his feelings like this: "Once you're on the bike in this position, leaning forward, you can't see the mirrors. You can't see anything from the wind. I'm just looking forward. I am having a thrill ride. I do like the feeling of the thrill. It's a thrill ride."

He seemed slightly unaware why no one else might be so thrilled. He also claimed he hadn't deliberately avoided any police along the highway. Unsurprisingly, he's now been charged with reckless driving and fleeing or eluding a state trooper.

His explanation might, though, be a small taste of excuses from the future.

I hit the pedestrian because my self-driving car was having a really bad day.

I didn't come to work because my iWatch told me I was dying.

I love you, but my social support robot says you're a needy, controlling gold-digger.