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Moto 360 smartwatch mocks 'classy' watch ads

The whispering voice, the beautiful visuals, they're always in fancy watch ads. Motorola decides to add a twist.

Yes, concert pianists have terrible taste in men. Motorola/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Christmas always heralds a few things that destroy my digestion.

Ads for fragrances and watches, for example. Such beautiful visuals. Such words of arrant nonsense. Such veneration for insanely expensive products that likely only cost a few dollars to make.

I am heartened, therefore, that Motorola has decided to sniff a little at expensive watch ads.

In advertising its Moto 360 smartwatch , which went on sale in September, to a less than chomping-at-the-bit world, the company decided to ooze class and then offer, say, a slightly sleazy text.

In one ad released this week, we're watching a lady concert pianist. Of course she's wearing a watch. It allows those lower notes to ooze with a little more sonorous flavor.

"Class" whispers the voice-over. "Artistry," it continues. These things take weeks to write, you know.

What might be the next word? Something like "beauty"? Or "alimony," perhaps? No, the next word is "Chad."

Chad has sent her a text: "Sup girl?" This lady pianist, like so many artists, clearly has terrible taste in lovers. The tagline offers the splendidly tongue-in-chic words: "A Watch For Our Times."

In another ad, we see a typically unshaven Euro businessman. "Craftsmanship," purrs the voice. "Style," it continues. "Burritos," it concludes. Yes, his Moto 360 is alerting him that his fast food is on its way.

Personally, I find these ads utterly adorable. I'm not convinced that I need a smartwatch, whether it's this elegant little thing or Apple's design-your-own-from-our-visual-buffet version .

It's at least a comfort, though, when the ads don't get on your last wick the way conventional watch ads do.