Mother's Day gifts you haven't thought of

From Octomom to the uber-green mom to the mom who won't get off of AOL, we've got all kinds of moms covered with gifts sure to beat the standard champagne and roses.

CNET Crave staff

Moms, as we all know, are hardly a monolith. It is thus challenging to assemble a definitive list of Mother's Day gift ideas for moms who've conquered their BlackBerrys, moms who can't send a text, moms who think video games embody the world's ills, and even moms who spend all their free time on World of Warcraft.

In an effort to make your last-minute Mom's Day shopping easier, Crave has come up with a few ideas for mothers of varying stripes. From the digicam-happy mom to Octomom to the uber-green mom, we've got yours covered with gift ideas sure to beat the standard champagne and roses.

Click through the gallery below to see what we've come up with. And to all our readers who are moms, Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day gifts for moms of all stripes (photos)

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