Most tasteless question Apple's CEO was asked in Washington

Perhaps it was odd enough that Sen. John McCain asked Tim Cook why he kept having to update the apps on his iPhone, but one question was even more painful.

Keep calm and carry on.
TMZ Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's not easy being the boss at 1 Infinite Loophole.

Instead of traveling around the world to expand your business and inspire your troops, you go to Washington in order to expand narrow minds and perspire at the absurdity.

You even have to find a polite way to answer Sen. John McCain when he demands to know why he's always having to update his iPhone apps.

Doesn't he have a Senate aide for that?

Still, Apple CEO Tim Cook emerged with nary a piece of stray fluff on his crisp white shirt, nor a dribble stain of sleepy boredom on his peculiar blue tie.

But just when he thought it was all over, he was accosted by a question for our times.

"Mr. Cook," asked the questioner, "Will we see a hologram of Steve Jobs at the next Apple convention any time?"

You might wonder that some somnolent senator had just woken up after a heavy night with lobbyists and lap dancers.

Perhaps it crossed your mind that a crazed lunatic had wandered into the Senate, in order to plague Cook with the ravings of his addled mind.

You'd be close about the latter. For this was one of the fine, jovial cameramen from TMZ, in search of lasting video glory.

Cook might have stared into this man's lens and offered a contemptuous sneer.

He could have gone nose-to-nose with the cameraman and suggested that he would be prevented from ever touching an Apple product again -- for this is difficult to do without fingers, feeling, or a pulse.

Instead, he maintained a remarkable serenity as he offered a smile and said: "I can't comment on that."

The cameraman wouldn't quit, even when he was behind: "That would be nice, though. That's the trend nowadays."

One day soon, it might be a trend for holograms clutching cameras to ask famous people tasteless questions too.