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Moshi set to ship iVisor AG 'bubble free' screen protector for iPad 2

Moshi's iVisor AG screen protector for the iPad has received rave reviews from users. Now a version for the iPad 2 is available for purchase.

The Moshi iVisor AG for the iPad 2 comes in black or white for $30. Moshi

Putting a thin-film screen protector on your iPad or iPad 2 can be a difficult task no matter how closely you follow the instructions. However, Moshi, which makes its iVisor AG for the iPad--and now the iPad 2--solves the problem with a special screen shield that's thin yet rigid and adheres to the iPad's display more easily without trapping those nasty bubbles.

Moshi says the iVisor AG also features an antireflective matte finish that helps "reduce glare and smudging" while "retaining optimal touch-screen sensitivity and feedback." (You can use capacitive touch-screen styluses with it.) The shield can also be peeled off and re-applied and comes in both black and white.

We haven't got a review sample of the new iPad 2 version yet, but we can say that reviews for the iPad version have been very positive. The only downside: the iVisor AG for iPad 2 costs $30.