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More stuff to Crave: (un)CES Edition

We dredged the series of tubes of you!

Well, all eyes are on Las Vegas this week (and San Francisco for Macworld, and Detroit for the Auto Show) for all the really cool announcements that have been coming just about every five minutes. Some of us Cravers, however, are here in our regular haunts holding down the fort. Sure, I might not be hanging out in Vegas, but I'm having a great time watching 100 Greatest Songs of the '80s on VH1...and finding some non-CES highlights around the blogosphere for you.

--MASHUPS: Battlestar meets Warcraft (Joystiq)

--GAMING: Chest-pillow for gamers from Japan (BoingBoing)

--ONLY IN INDIA: "SMS 6260," the movie of the Indian e-generation (Textually)

--GREEN TECH: Trendy Greenwashing (Notcot)

--GAMING: IGN: Halo DS used to exist (Game|Life)

--ONLY IN JAPAN: Pokemon's fake Christmas booze for children (Kotaku)

--SCIENCE: Real-life Mothra would have the density of cotton (Table of Malcontents)

--ARTS & CRAFTS: Eiffel Tower made of matches (Make)