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We dredged the series of tubes for you!

We dredged the series of tubes for you: here's today's roundup of link love.

--APPLE: Microsoft takes a swipe at Apple's "I'm a Mac" ads (Engadget)

--GAMING: Major League Gaming gets $25 million funding (PaidContent)

--MEDIA: Amanda Congdon's webcasts are real, and they're spectacular (Gawker)

--DIGITAL HOME: Intel's Viiv low on holiday shopping lists (CNET News.com)**

--APPLE: Defend your MacBook with iSight (CrunchGear)

--NEWS: Boston transit system bans M-rated game ads (Joystiq)

** Krazit, thanks for clarifying the pronunciation of "Viiv." This whole time I'd been thinking it was said "veeeeev." Maybe Viiv would be doing better if it went along with proper 21st-century linguistic standards and allowed the "ii" to be pronounced correctly, you know, like in "Wii."