More searches for Deez Nuts than Hillary Clinton, Google says

Technically Incorrect: Sometimes, presidential candidates come out of nowhere. The 15-year-old Deez Nuts is one of those.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Enthusiastic supporters are helping Nuts climb the polls. © Stefano Ronchi/NIS/Minden Pictures/Corbis

When elections come along, it's incumbent on us to choose which nut to vote for.

It's a given that all the candidates have something nutty about them. We merely choose which particular nuttiness we can live with.

Now, however, we might have the choice of a very special nut: Deez Nuts.

Nuts has, as the media loves to say, taken the political world by storm. The political world only recognizes storms. It needs them like a clubber needs a dealer.

So it is that Deez Nuts has already overtaken Hillary Clinton in Google searches over the last three days. The helpful bods at Google Trends tweeted a chart on Friday showing that Nuts has come from a lowly position and vaulted to the exalted levels of Donald Trump.

He hasn't quite matched the Donald yet for consistency. But whoever could?

Nuts, after all, hasn't suggested wall-building instead of bridge-building. He hasn't declared himself for or against anchor babies or even babies in general. He hasn't issued a communique explaining that he'll be great at everything, nor even that he has his own personal servant (or even server) in the bathroom.

This may be because Nuts is a 15-year-old from Iowa called Brady Olson.

He explained to the Daily Beast: "When I heard about the Limberbutt McCubbins story, I realized I could."

You'll surely have been inspired yourself by Limberbutt. He's a Louisville, Kentucky, native who's ready to scratch and claw his way to the Democratic presidential nomination. This is because he's a cat.

As for Nuts, a Public Policy Polling survey declared he has 9 percent support in North Carolina, where it's a straight race between him, Trump and Clinton. (If you wish to declare yourself, your friend or your alpaca as a candidate for the presidency, the form is here.)

Should you be unfamiliar with Deez Nuts -- or you merely believe that only Dozy Nuts talk cool-speak -- it's an expression with several alleged meanings, which might range from frustration to indifference (and some of which can't be repeated here, thank you very much). In essence, it's no surprise that the expression is at home in the political arena.

Many will analyze Google's charts and believe that, for example, no one bothers to search for Hillary Clinton anymore because they already feel they know enough -- or even too much -- about her. They may say that the Trump candidacy is mere entertainment, one that we simply can't get enough of.

Nuts' time will pass, just as all nuts' time passes.

However, here he is, in the full glow of the nut parade. How far can he go?

Or will he suddenly face a challenge from Pippa Popcorn the Puppy from Portland?