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More long-lens options coming to Sony Cyber-shot lineup

Five new high-zoom H-series cameras are coming from Sony, but only one of them is truly new.

The HX30V features a 20x zoom lens in a compact body.

The HX30V is the only one that's entirely new, though. It's a compact megazoom with a 25-500mm lens, or 20x zoom. The HX20V is the same camera, but it's missing one feature, the HX30V has: built-in Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi can be used to back up to directly backup to a computer, send to online sharing sites or Sony's PlayMemories cloud storage service, or for transferring photos and video to a smartphone.

All but the H90 feature a new 18-megapixel Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor paired with a Sony Bionz image processor. The combo allows for things like enhanced low-light shooting capabilities; faster autofocus (always a good thing, especially on megazoom cameras); Sony's Clear Image digital zoom that doubles the optical zoom while keeping full resolution (apply grain of salt here); improved image stabilization while shooting movies; and dual recording of 13-megapixel photos and full HD video. These also all have built-in GPS with log recording and 3-inch 921K-dot-resolution LCDs.

The HX200V has the same body and lens as 2011's HX100V and likewise, the HX10V is the same as the HX9V. But again, the new models get the new image sensor, faster AF, and enhanced shooting options.

The H90 has the same lens as the HX10V, but uses a 16-megapixel CCD sensor, so you don't get a lot of the shooting features found on the higher-end HX models.

The HX200V arrives in March for $480; the HX30V and HX20V show up in May for $420 and $400, respectively; and the HX10V and H90 hit stores in March for $330 and $250, respectively.