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More Dell E-series Netbook details leak

Two new systems, called the Dell E and the Dell E Slim.


We first started hearing about Dell's under-development 9-inch Netbook-style laptop after a prototype was spotted under founder Michael Dell's arm last month. Now the guys at Engadget have turned up a slew of leaked docs describing what the company is calling the Dell E and the Dell E Slim. No relation to the similar Asus Eee PC, naturally.

It looks like the Dell E will have an 8.9-inch 1,024x600 display, a 1.6GHz Intel Diamondville CPU (part of the Atom family), and have either a 4, 8, or 16GB SSD hard drive. RAM options are 512MB or 1GB, and the OS choices are Linux and Windows XP.

Dell estimates it'll weigh about 2.2 pounds, with an initial rollout in August, and new features, including WiMax and WWAN support sometime after October. Purported starting price? A mere $299 (but that's obviously just for the 512MB version with a 4GB flash hard drive and Linux).


Stepping up from the E is the also-new, also-leaked, Dell E Slim. This 12-inch laptop is more of a traditional ultraportable--a category Dell's largely ignored on the consumer side lately. It's going to have 1.3GHz and 1.6GHz Intel processors, and have either an 8GB flash or 40GB traditional hard drive, and also offer a choice of Linux or Windows XP. The Dell E Slim is expected to debut sometime around August or September.