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More Apple tablet rumors: 3G, dock connector

Speculation mounts regarding the tablet from Apple, expected to be announced next week. Among the rumors: publishing partnerships with McGraw-Hill and Hachette.

The Apple tablet rumors are going to keep coming until the company finally releases this thing. Tech bloggers, and now even the mainstream media, can't help themselves from wondering what Apple will or won't do with the forthcoming device, which is widely anticipated to be introduced at Apple's media event scheduled for Wednesday.

Here's the latest roundup of speculation about the tablet.

Apple tablet rumors
Apple is expected to finally show off the much-discussed tablet January 27.

• The tablet will have a 3G connection, and there are two carriers being considered for it, says Fox News. Apple is in talks with AT&T and Verizon, but the details are still not finalized, according to sources within the companies.

• There will be not one, but two dock connectors on it. iLounge says that will allow the tablet to be docked/charged in either landscape or portrait orientation.

• AppleInsider's sources say the tablet will look exactly like an overgrown iPod Touch, down to the home button, volume toggle, and power button.

• Add McGraw-Hill and Hachette Book Group to the list of publishers Apple has approached about including their content on the tablet. It's widely assumed that e-books, magazines, and newspapers will be a key part of Apple's strategy for the device. It's already been reported that HarperCollins, The New York Times, and Conde Nast have also been in talks on the same topic.

Be sure to come back to CNET at 10 a.m. PT Wednesday, when we'll be blogging the Apple event live.