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Monster truck pulls off front flip, because 'murica

A huge truck defies gravity in the best way possible by performing a front flip and sticking the landing.

There's a thing that happens in the US where people build really big trucks, put them on even bigger tires and then drive around a dirt obstacle course for a competition called Monster Jam.

Driver Lee O'Donnell made Monster Jam history Saturday night by guiding his Mad Scientist monster truck through a spectacular front flip. And the crowd went wild.

The flip occurred at the Monster Jam World Finals XVIII in Las Vegas. The Mad Scientist, a mostly blue truck with a caricature of a crazed scientist on it, approached a dirt hill, front wheels dangling in the air, caught the mound with its back tires and performed a gorgeous front flip that would make any Olympic gymnast proud.

Monster Jam posted the feat on Facebook, writing, "Mad Scientist lands the first-ever front flip to win the 2017 Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship!"

Hard-core Monster Jam fans, however, also recall a mostly successful front-flip attempt by a spike-covered truck called Max-D in 2015. The truck over-rotated during the landing, but it still leaves the whole front-flip achievement open for debate.

The Max-D attempt doesn't detract from the sheer beauty of what Mad Scientist accomplished. YouTube user MonsterJamFilms posted another view of the flip, which also shows the full run leading up to it and the crazed crowd reaction.

O'Donnell took the event in stride, tweeting "just another day at the office." It's just that his office happens to be a mammoth-size truck.

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