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'MonoTracer' on the way, training wheels or not

German "cabin cycle" can hit 155 miles per hour.


Anyone who saw Craver Brian Cooley's video of this bizarre vehicle at last year's Geneva Auto Show will notice that something is conspicuously absent from the photo above: There are no training wheels. The reason that the "MonoTracer" needs those is that it has only two wheels--something else that may not be entirely clear at an initial glance.

Though it may look like an anorexic car, this futuristic vehicle from Germany's Peraves is an enclosed motorcycle that is supposedly far more aerodynamic than its naked counterparts. Even so, when it's taking sharp corners on city streets, it sometimes needs a little help (hence the training wheels). On a straight route, however, the MonoTracer--technically known as a "cabin cycle," according to Dvice--can reach speeds of 155 miles per hour, thanks to a 130-horsepower BMW K1200 bike engine.

Finally ready for consumption, the uber-cycle is scheduled to hit the market this year with prices starting at $82,350--perfect for the speed freak who doesn't like to have his hair messed up.