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Monkey See, Monkey Don't

For our first #ThrowbackThursday episode, we talk about the '90s and the shows that inspired us. Plus, Netflix finally gets downloading, and who else already has "Rogue One" tickets??


Because we can't go a week without talking about some sort of Star universe, this week we confess we've already bought into the "Rogue One" hype and grabbed some tickets. Sure, they're for reserved seating theaters, but have you tried to stand in line for a movie while holding down a desk job?? It's not easy, trust me.

In other news, Netflix has finally given us the perfect holiday gift! You can now download certain TV shows and movies to your device for viewing offline. Perfect for anyone who has some holiday travel coming up! And sure, you can't download *every* piece of content, but the selection isn't bad (I mean, how much space do you really have to devote to these videos?).

Finally, for our first foray into #ThrowbackThursday nostalgia, we debate the most important shows of the '90s and their spot in our hearts. Turns out, when you have a millennial and Gen X-er in the same room, they can find things to agree on, like how great "Seinfeld" was (or how ubiquitous those theme songs were).

Monkey See, Monkey Don't (s2e8)

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