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Molly Wood is back in the house!

CNET's own new Mom Molly Wood comes to talk mommy tech.

Eli is too cool for school!
On this weeks Mother's Day special edition of CNET Live, Brian and Tom talk to one of their favorite new moms--Molly Wood.

Molly will be in house this week to talk about her favorite tech that makes being a new mom just a little bit easier. From her high techbaby monitor, to a digital keychain, Little Eli is practically a Cylon baby!

Today, CNET Live will also take a closer look at Intel's new Santa Rosa technology, and try to locate where the Santa Rosa river is (aren't all Intel products named after rivers?) Plus, Brian gets in touch with his inner deejay with his Crave pick of the week.

And, as always, Brian and Tom will be taking calls from you--the audience--at 888-900-CNET. So tune inthis pre-Mother's Day Thursday at 1 PM Pacific, and 4 PM Eastern for a fresh new episode. Mother Cooley and Merritt would be mighty happy if you did!