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Mohawk-wearing humanoid robot slays wasps

A Japanese professor comes to the aid of a friend who's been repeatedly stung by wasps, building a ladder-climbing robot to kill the pests.

The wasp-killing robot known as Mohican can supposedly be controlled from a safe distance. Plastic Pals

How awesome would it be to have Professor Hisashi Sekine as a friend? Not only does he come up with solutions to pals' problems, he comes up with solutions involving mohawk-wearing humanoid robots. You can't beat that.

In this case, the problem in need of fixing entailed insects, as Sekine's friend had the misfortune of having been stung some 90 times while spraying wasp nests as part of an extermination effort. So Sekine, an engineering professor at Teikyo University in Utsunomiya, Japan, created a remote-controlled robot that can climb ladders and spray wasp nests straight into oblivion. While wearing a mohawk (a 'do scientifically proven to scare of the bejeesus out of aggressive insects).

The bot, appropriately named Mohican, stands 5 feet, 6 inches tall, is constructed of lightweight metal and wood, sports motors in its joints, and works especially efficiently when listing to The Clash or Sex Pistols. It functions via voice commands such as "climb the ladder," and "OMG, duck, they're flying into your delicate circuitry," and could be slaying wasps as soon as next spring, Sekine says.

(Via Plastic Pals)