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Mod your car for better gas mileage

Eco-minded gearheads are making tweaks to their cars with common parts from the hardware store to boost their gas mileage.

Frustrated with automakers' inability (or refusal) to build more fuel-efficient cars? So-called ecomodders are taking matters into their own hands, tweaking their cars to get better gas mileage. Ecomodders take common parts from junkyards and hardware shops to make their cars more aerodynamic.

Ecomodded Honda Civic
Michael Turner, which launched in December, is host to hundreds of members who use the site to share ideas. Their cars might not look like hot rods, but these ecomodders say their modded cars are saving them a bundle on gas.

The car shown here looks a little "Back to the Future," but it's an example of an ecomodded car--in this case a 1992 Honda Civic. Its owner, Michael Turner, spent $400 on materials at the hardware store. But he says he gets up to 74 miles per gallon in the summer. A Civic from that era might normally achieve an average of 33 miles per gallon.

Check out some other ecomods in our photo gallery over at CNET