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MobileMe gets Remote Lock for Find My iPhone

MobileMe's Find My iPhone gets updated with the addition of new Remote Lock feature.


Apple has updated MobileMe's Find My iPhone service for iPhone OS 3.1 to include a feature appropriately named Remote Lock. The new feature provides another way to protect data on a lost or stolen iPhone. Remote Lock lets you add a passcode or change your existing one, locking your missing iPhone's screen from afar. The new feature resolves some of the Find My iPhone's previous shortcomings.

Remote Lock button David Martin

MobileMe subscribers can go the control panel for Find My iPhone after logging into their MobileMe account. Once there, users can protect the information on their missing iPhone by remotely assigning a new, four-digit passcode lock--useful if you've never set a passcode before.

The phone will immediately lock and can only be opened with the passcode you set via MobileMe. Your former passcode is replaced by the new one and can no longer be used to unlock the phone. This is good if, say, a robber forces you to give them your passcode before they run off with your iPhone.

If you have upgraded to iPhone OS 3.1 software, you can use Remote Lock by following these steps:

  • Log in to your MobileMe account.
  • Choose Find My iPhone in the column on the left.
  • Click Remote Lock.
  • Enter your four digit pin.
  • Re-enter your four digit pin.
  • Press Done to Confirm and lock your iPhone remotely or Cancel to abort.
Setting passcode pin David Martin