Mobile phone throwing turns artistic in Finland

A teen circus performer juggled his way to the freestyle gold medal at the world championships on Saturday.

Juggling rather than throwing his mobile phone, a teen circus performer won the freestyle gold medal at the world championships on Saturday.

Taco Cohen of the Netherlands, who was celebrating his 19th birthday, used acrobatics and juggling in his performance, which was judged on aesthetics and artistic impression.

He told Reuters his performance reflected his training in a youth circus. "Juggling I have done for many years with balls. (But) these are irregular shapes and weights; it is difficult."

Finnish domination in the distance event continued when Tommi Huotari took gold with a throw of 89.62 meters (294 feet), a few meters short of the world record.

"I have never thrown a phone before but have been participating in potato-throwing...surprisingly, a potato flies further," said the 38-year-old engineer.

"I am sure everyone would like to throw their phone away every once in a while."

Event organizer Christine Lund said the contest reflected people's love-hate relationship with the mobile phone.

"This contest speaks to people the world over as mobile phones are a blessing and a curse...phones have become a part of the modern man, and sometimes many of us would like to remove that part."

Originally a local event in this small town close to the Russian border, the contest drew contestants from Canada, Austria and the United States.