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Mitsubishi LaserVue goes up against Kuro

The first third-party side-by-side comparison between Mitsubishi's LaserVue TV and Pioneer's Elite Kuro appeared at TheTechlounge blog, and according to its authors, the LaserVue more than held its own.

Man, it sure would be nice if we could do this comparison here at CNET.

Mitsubishi's LaserVue TV (not actual size). Mitsubishi

The first third-party side-by-side comparison we've seen between Mitsubishi's LaserVue rear-projection TV and Pioneer's Elite Kuro plasma appeared at TheTechlounge Friday, and according to its authors, the LaserVue more than held its own against what's widely regarded as the best TV on the market.

Author Cameron Baker and editor Kurtis Kronk sat down before a 60-inch Kuro and a 65-inch LaserVue at a San Antonio, Texas, HDTV retailer and watched a pair of Blu-ray movies: Ice Age: The Meltdown and Iron Man, along with Pioneer's Kuro test disc. They were unable to get their hands on a distribution amplifier for true side-by-side comparisons, apparently, so they based their observations on watching "the scenes back-to-back on each display a few times, juggling HDMI connections," and on still photos.

A still from TheTechLounge's comparison. TheTechLounge.com

The authors gave a slight edge to the Mitsubishi's handling of scenes with lots of motion, and noted that the set's lenticular screen ("sparkles") may have been more noticeable than on other DLPs. They also noted surprisingly non-blasted-out colors on the Mitsubishi, something we were surprised to hear given how heavy-handed colors appeared in previous LaserVue demos we've experienced. As the above photo illustrates, however, there are definitely differences between the two sets' handling of red.

As always, we'll reserve our judgment until we can get the LaserVue into our own lab to pit against some of its tough competition, including the Kuro and Sony's LED-based LCD. Hopefully, the company sends us a review sample sooner rather than later.

What do you think? Will the LaserVue challenge the best flat panels available, or will it fail to live up to the hype? Sound off in comments.

(Via EngadgetHD)