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MIT made a shapeshifting snake robot and it creeps us out (Tomorrow Daily 276)

Jeff describes MIT's new (and creepy) shapeshifting robo-snake, Ford's attempt to show young drivers how dangerous drugged driving is and why powdered glue could be the next frontier for adhesives.

Jeff takes the wheel today to tell you all about the super weird stuff happening in future tech right now, starting with LineFORM, MIT's robotic snake that can change its shape a little too quickly for our comfort. The video shows off applications including a phone, a wearable with haptic feedback, a ruler, a shape guide, and even a body guide that can be used to record movement and then "replayed" through another person's arm.

Ford is making an effort to help educate young drivers on the perils of driving under the influence. Last year, they announced the Drunk Driving Suit, and this year, Ford announced the Drugged Driving Suit. The previous suit showed wearers what driving while drunk felt like, and the new suit imitates symptoms and side effects from various illicit drugs, including marijuana and cocaine.

Lastly, Japanese researchers from the Osaka Institute of Technology introduced us to a new kind of adhesive: powdered glue. The liquid adhesive actually resides inside small spheres, surrounded by a layer of solid particles. When pressure is applied to the tiny spheres, they let loose the glue within, making them a potentially interesting option for oddly shaped materials, and gluing parts that happen to be located in tight spaces.

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MIT made a shapeshifting snake robot and it creeps us out (Tomorrow Daily 276)

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