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Mint now lets you write in expenses ahead of time

Manually entering transactions was the top-most requested item by its users, according to Mint. Now those users have gotten their wish.

One good thing about Web-based financial tool Mint is that it can be used without ever having to type in any purchases or money transfers; instead, its system simply does all the work for you. That's just changed though, as Intuit now lets you write in your own transactions--even before they happen.

According to Mint, manually entering transactions was the top-most requested item by its users. The feature is mainly for those who write or receive a lot of checks, as Mint's system lets you jot in the amount that you're paying or getting paid by another person before the amount is deposited. This lets you effectively balance your account before the money goes away, giving you a better overview of where your accounts will be when the check clears. And when a check does clear, that same amount you wrote in won't get tallied twice.

These manually entered transactions show up at the very top of your expense list, just as most banks do for pending credit and debit card charges. Along the same lines, they're tallied into your finance and spending estimates even before they're processed.

Screenshot by Josh Lowensohn/CNET