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'Minority Report' meets the Clapper

JVC demonstrates computer navigation by sound and gestures.


The Minority Report's sci-fi touch screen has become a cliche for futuristic gadgetry, and some are willing to pay $100,000 or more for anything that even approaches its fable. But there may be a form of digital control that does it one better: navigation without laying hands on the computer at all.

As fellow Craver Michael Kanellos found at the Ceatec show in Japan, Toshiba and others were anxious to show off PCs and various devices controlled by hand gestures. One company, JVC, has even managed to combine the cutting-edge technology with a concept made famous by late-night TV--the Clapper.

JVC showed off a TV equipped with sensors that respond to sounds as well as gestures, according to OhGizmo. Clap you hands for the basics (volume, channels, power switch) and point at icons on the display for more advanced controls. If they would only integrate this technology into the "HomePub" fridge, we'd be in hog heaven.