Mino among sharks: New Flip camcorder coming

Flip Video is launching a new budget camcorder in June called the Mino.

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David Carnoy
A blown up shot of the Mino as it appears in the B&H catalog. B&H

Hot on the heels of the launch of Creative's new budget video camera, a reader tipped us off to take a look at a little item in B&H's print catalog. Newsjeff wrote: "I just got a B&H big catalog and it lists a new camcorder from Flip Video, the Mini Flip...check it out."

Well, we happen to have recently received a catalog as well, and lo and behold, there is indeed a listing for a new Flip. However, it's not called the Mini, it's called the Mino. The only thing we know about it is that it carries a list price of $179.99, comes in white and black, and it'll be released on June 4. Because of its price point, we assume it's the company's new flagship Flip (the high-end Ultra started out at $179.99). And we'd also make an educated guess that it's slightly better than previous Flip models in terms of design, features, and performance. But, of course, that's speculation.

Feel free to add your own comments as to how Flip Video might be improving its popular budget video camera.