Mini RC Wiener Rover delivers hot dogs for the holidays

A hot dog-toting remote-controlled Wiener Rover rumbles into living rooms as part of a bizarre Cyber Monday promotion.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Mini Wiener Rover
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Mini Wiener Rover

Don't try to eat this hot dog.

Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer has an entire fleet of Wienermobiles -- six full-size Wienermobiles rolling around the US in total. There's an all-terrain beast of a machine called the Wiener Rover, and now there's a new wheeled hot-dog-themed vehicle to add to the madness. Meet the Mini Wiener Rover, an RC-controlled sausage with the ability to deliver a hot dog.

The original Wiener Rover can carry enough hot dogs to surprise and delight a small crowd. The mini version can "deliver up to two delicious hot dogs at a time in a special compartment." If you're overly ambitious with your toppings (Chicago dog, anyone?), you may only be able to only squeeze one dog in.

The tires on the Mini Wiener Rover are designed to tackle the tough terrain of carpets and manicured back lawns. The vehicle is 11 inches tall and 22.5 inches long, making it a pretty substantial machine for a toy. Oscar Mayer reports that it can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, which should come in handy for those hot dog emergencies when you need a beefy snack immediately.

Oscar Mayer has been busy dreaming up creative marketing stunts lately. The big Wiener Rover came out in July. The company released a bacon-based dating app called Sizzl earlier this fall. In 2014, it offered up a bacon smell-emitting alarm clock. These promotions may be weird, but they're also very entertaining.

The first batch of 20 Mini Wiener Rovers sold out fast on Cyber Monday through Oscar Mayer's Twitter feed, but more will become available throughout the week. They cost $25 and take advantage of Twitter's new "Buy Now" button for making purchases directly through the social-media platform.

Imagine the surprise on your kids' faces when they ask for Fallout 4 for the holidays, but you give them a wheeled frankfurter instead.