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Minecraft: Education Edition launches today for $5 per user

This version of the blockbuster game includes a "Classroom Mode" companion app for educators.

Minecraft: Education Edition brings new tools to educators.

The blockbuster game Minecraft is heading to a school near you.

Microsoft on Tuesday launched Minecraft: Education Edition to more than 50 countries around the world. This version of the game costs $5 per user.

While Minecraft started out as a simple world-building game employing the digital equivalent of Legos, educators and parents quickly discovered that it also helps kids learn everything from programming to science and art.

While Minecraft: Education Edition launched with an early access version in June, but the full version gets a companion app called "Classroom Mode." The app helps educators manage world settings, communicate with students, dole out items and teleport students into the Minecraft world. There are also resources like Minecraft Mentors.