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Mind-controlled robot tail lets you wag when happy

If you're looking for a good excuse to check out someone's backside, Shippo's new emotion-controlled mechanical tail is just the ticket.

Chasing tail: Shippo fulfills your longing for that long-lost human appendage.
Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET

So you've got your cat ears, your cat suit, and everything else you need to transition to another species. What's missing? A thought-controlled robot tail, of course.

From Neurowear, the makers of Necomimi robot cat ears, comes this concept for a mechanical tail that moves according to the user's emotional state. There's a brainwave-reading sensor, also used in Necomimi, that can be hidden under your hat.

As seen in the ridiculous vid below, your tail will wag when you see a bunch of pretty flowers, or an attractive Frisbee player in the park.

And, no doubt, fresh kitty litter.

The tail can recognize two moods: relaxed and concentrating. In relaxed mode, it moves "soft and slow" while in concentrating mode it moves "hard and fast," according to Neurowear. Happiness seems to drive the tail into a wagging frenzy, if the video is anything to judge by.

Make of that what you will. But Shippo has an interesting non-erotic feature: neuro-tagging. The brainwave sensor reads your mood, and registers it with a mobile app.

Then you can share your emotional state via Facebook and Twitter, and tag it to your location. You can show the world where you were when your tail really got wagging.

Shippo is just a concept product for now, but Necomimi has became a minor hit among otaku types since launching in the U.S. in July, so Neurowear could well market it soon.

If you're into Foursquare and cosplay, it's a must-have.

But be warned: Twitter and catnip do not mix.

(Via Newlaunches)