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Milk Desk does a body good

Computer desk combines style and functionality.

Milk Desk
Oh, yeah, and it matches your Mac.

We've been logging some long work days of late--deadlines, you know--and the experience has given us the opportunity to make a few observations. First, most desks are just no good for geeks. In addition to the normal paper detritus, a mess of peripherals, accessories, and their attendant cords can quickly turn a desk into a disaster zone. Second, when you sit for a long time in the same desk chair, no matter how ergonomic your setup, your hip joints will threaten to fuse together in a permanent L shape.

Milk Desk fishbowl
Incorporate your pet into your workday. MILK

The Milk Desk, though, looks to solve both those problems oh-so-stylishly. The workspace includes lots of built-in solutions for managing cords and other supplies, including a built-in slot along the front edge for your active paper files and four covered square insets along the left side for stashing supplies or even incorporating a fishbowl (hey, this is high design we're talking about here). Best of all, the desk includes an electronic raise and lower feature, so you can alternate between sitting and standing work postures.

Pricing for this Scandinavian wonder is yet to be determined, but you know what they say: If you have to ask...