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Miley Cyrus + Flappy Bird = App Store success

A Flappy Bird spinoff that enjoys a Miley Cyrus theme is at the top of the US App Store free list. Now that's marketing.

Finger-licking, wing-flapping good?
Flying Cyrus-Wrecking Ball

What are the two most popular things in the world? You have 5 seconds to answer.

No, it's not Candy Crush and Kim Kardashian. But you're close. It's Flappy Bird and Miley Cyrus.

So some very enterprising people thought to themselves: "What if we put the two together?"

Please welcome, then, the joy that is Flying Cyrus - Wrecking Ball. This is something of an homage to Flappy Bird, the game many are finding they just can't live without.

It is also a large homage to the Cyrus tongue, which has served as a symbol of our frustrated times.

I had thought that Flappy Bird clones were being shot to Earth by Apple. However, 9to5Mac tells me that "Flying Cyrus-Wrecking Ball" has flapped and licked its way to the top of the US App Store free charts. Which shows that ingenuity is alive and well.

Looking at the no-doubt reliable reviews in the App Store, many people are finding it wing-flapping, finger-licking good.

For example, a no-doubt serious reviewer called Sir Frone wrote:

I can not even try to think of a game that would be more enjoyable and family friendly than this one. It is the perfect combination of humor and difficulty, that gets you and your friends hooked. Great party game or even a game to play by yourself alone in your bedroom. This would go on my top 10 list of greatest games ever made, and I will always consider this game a work of art.

Flappy Bird, Miley Cyrus, art. Welcome to America.