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Miilo bike goes from push to pedal with a flip of the frame

Growing kids are no problem for the Miilo bicycle, a clever design that can be rebuilt to go from a balance bike to a regular bike.

Miilo bike
The Miilo is two bikes in one. Andreas Bhend

Kids grow up fast. They can graduate from a push bike to a pedal bike in a blink, leaving you with a useless kiddie bike that needs to be rehomed. Unless you have a Miilo bike -- created to handle a few growth spurts.

Designer Andreas Bhend invented the bike for kids between 2.5 and 7 years old. It can span that sort of time frame thanks to a flexible design. It starts off as a foot-powered push bike; the frame can be taken apart, flipped over, and put back together with pedals as the child grows up and becomes ready for more advanced biking lessons.

The design takes into consideration more than just the frame itself. The handlebars and seat can be extended quite a bit to accommodate a growing kid. Bhend also imagines creating 3D-printed add-ons, like baskets, that could be downloaded, printed, and attached to the bike.

A Miilo prototype has been made. It was originally mocked up using cardboard and styrofoam to refine the components. The prototype was made with custom-built pieces combined with off-the-shelf bicycle components such as handlebar grips, a seat, and front brakes. The resulting bike has a clean look, like something you might find at Ikea. It may be just a prototype right now, but there are probably plenty of families who would love to have a bike that grows with their child.

(Via Core77)