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MIDI Fighter 3D, the BFF for ADD DJs

With the Midi Fighter 3D USB controller from DJ Tech Tools, DJs and musicians can go beyond tapping out a beat--shaking and twisting their way to a new sound.

Photo of MIDI Fighter 3D DJ controller.
The MIDI Fighter 3D adds gyroscopic control to its list of music manipulation options. DJ Tech Tools

The typical DJ booth is awash in buttons, knobs, and faders, allowing for precise control over any music mix. And if you've ever witnessed a DJ in this natural habitat, you know how utterly boring it is to watch.

Enter the MIDI Fighter 3D, a new $249 DJ controller from DJ Tech Tools. Finally, a visually striking controller that requires its user to do more than just twist a few knobs.

In addition to the arcade-style oversized buttons used on the original MIDI Fighter controller, the MIDI Fighter 3D adds an internal gyroscopic sensor and digital compass, allowing you to control MIDI parameters (such as volume, pitch, and effect variations) by tilting or turning the entire device.

The USB-powered controller also features a grid of 16 illuminated buttons whose color can be set to any combination, making it easy to set up customized, color-coded control mappings. Four rectangular buttons above the grid allow you to switch between separate MIDI control banks. In addition, six smaller soft-touch MIDI buttons are placed along the sides.

The MIDI Fighter 3D is currently available for preorder, and is expected to ship in April to the delight of amped-up DJ contortionists everywhere.

(Via Create Digital Music)