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Microsoft's Windows boss inks book deal

Microsoft veteran Steven Sinofsky is co-authoring a management book, due out later this year.

With his first Windows release under his belt, Microsoft Windows Division President Steven Sinofsky is trying his hand as an author.

The Windows unit president is co-authoring a management book with Harvard's Marco Iansiti.


The as-yet-untitled book, which is due out from Wiley later this year, will explore how one comes into a large, existing organization and helps it thrive. Sinofsky has been trying out his writing touch with his Engineering Windows 7 blog.

The tome will draw heavily on Sinofsky's experience coming into the Windows unit following his many years on the Office side of the house. Sinofsky joined the Windows unit in March 2006, after the troubled Windows Vista hit another delay, missing that year's holiday shopping season.

Sinofsky, who had been heading the engineering efforts of Windows, was given added responsibility for the business side of the operating system in July, when he took on the division president title.

Microsoft is preparing to launch Sinofsky's other work--Windows 7--on October 22.

Update: Looks like there might be a title after all. Barnes and Noble's Web site has this listing, for the title "One Strategy!--Organization, Planning, and Decision Making."

The online bookstore offers this summary of the book:

This book is about developing and executing great, innovative strategies. It shows general managers how to build the right organizational capabilities and base of understanding, how to generate insightful strategies and develop detailed plans, and how to lead these strategies to completion. The book is founded on 20 years of Harvard Business school research on strategy and innovation (Iansiti) and 20 years of management experience at Microsoft (Sinofsky). The central evidence for the book is drawn from the extensive blogs written by Sinofsky to manage his 4000 person Windows and Windows Live organization, as it recovers from the Vista challenges and embarks on a new strategic direction. The book focuses on Sinofsky's quest for building an integral enterprise, restructuring the Windows Group to preserve and improve upon a business worth $10's of billions in revenues, and over $100 Billion in market capitalization. Two and half years old, the quest is already showing signs of success, with significant achievements in organizational satisfaction and product shipments.