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Microsoft's 'Smoked by Windows Phone' guy keeps smoking

He's traveling the world (sort of). He's challenging people in coffee shops. Ben, Microsoft's Windows Phone smoker, is still crushing iPhones wherever he can.

Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

He's back.

Indeed, it may well be that he never left. It may simply be that he's been traveling around, arresting the unsuspecting with his challenges, and then making them marvel at his skills.

Yes, Ben Rudolph, the man who can prove that your iPhone 3GS is so very out of date, has returned with more evidence of Windows Phone's ability to positively barbecue all opposition.

You might not yet be aware of Ben. You may, indeed, have been smoking a little too much yourself lately. Ben is the face and satisfied smile of "Smoked By Windows Phone," a challenge that proves Microsoft's phones are by far the fastest known to man.

The challenge has offered the occasional controversy. Some people say they won and Microsoft refused to accept the fact.

But in these new videos (thank you, WP Central for posting them), Ben shows that neither his bigness -- nor that of the phones -- has been diminished.

He appears in coffee shops and dazzles. He appears in parks and mesmerizes. He appears on the street and scintillates.

His aim is simply to expose your phone for the cumbersome, lifeless piece of metal that it is.

Of the three new videos, two take the iPhone, throw it up in the air, and trample it on the ground.

Those Windows Phones crush the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 as if they were flip-tops. The phone's owners stand there in thrall, even more astonished when Ben offers them free food and drink for a period of time.

Then there's Rosslyn, whose iPhone 4 gets its clock cleaned by Ben and his Windows. Not only does she get free movie tickets but Ben also tells her he will give her an HTC Titan 2 phone. He calls it "an upgrade."

Rosslyn stares down at her iPhone 4 and ponders this for a second, before accepting her new status phone. Even though Ben tells her it has a 16 megapixel camera, she still seems a little unsure.

Ben is so ineffably charming and persuasive that one can see why he is so successful. Now it merely remains for the Windows Phones to be as successful as he is.