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Microsoft's Office event: Think online, not iPad

The software giant's Office unit is having a news event in San Francisco next week. But those hoping for Office for the iPad might not want to hold their breath.

As I noted in a tweet yesterday, Microsoft's Office unit has scheduled an event for Tuesday in San Francisco. But folks hoping that the company is ready to move its productivity software to the iPad may be disappointed.

Instead, I'm hearing that the event will likely be focused on Microsoft's hosted online services, which today center around the awkwardly named Business Productivity Online Suite, a bundle of hosted Exchange and SharePoint. ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley says the next version is in testing and may also be getting a less cumbersome name--possibly the moniker "Union." (Update: I'm hearing the new name won't be Union, but still working to find out what it is. Yes, tipsters, that's a hint.)

Microsoft has been making an effort to improve its names of late, opting for things like Silverlight and Bing as opposed to its past tradition of unpronounceable mouthfuls. That said, the company still has things like MDOP, the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack.

A Microsoft representative declined to comment on a potential name change or on the event, which is slated for bright and early on Tuesday. Newly named Microsoft Office division president Kurt DelBene will be heading up the event, along with product management chief Chris Capossela.

We'll grab our coffee early and be on hand to cover the event, which starts at 7:30 a.m. PDT.