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Microsoft's new Xbox One ad: One huge come-on

As you watch your football on Sunday night, you will be enthralled (or not) by this, a veritable extravaganza for the Xbox One.

He's armless enough.
Microsoft/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Microsoft doesn't always have the surest of touches when it tries to entice real human beings.

So, for the launch of Xbox One, it has seemingly thrust as much money as it can to excite you about Xbox One. You know, that little console thingy it wants the whole world to buy.

In an ad that you will see on TV during Sunday Night Football, there are, thankfully, no young people dancing around with the product.

Instead, we have the famous trying to inveigle the ordinary into one big commune from which they will never leave.

There is Zachary Quinto, a zombie, a mecha robot, a Roman centurion, and a relatively pedestrian English soccer player, Steven Gerrard.

They are all there to show you how gaming and entertainment have come together. Which means that you and your heroes will be closer than you could ever have imagined.

This is an appeal -- as so many new product launches seem to be -- to a "new generation." Because everyone else is a zombie.

Here you can talk to, wave at, and shout at your new machinery. It's so all-in-one that a Roman centurion will pay your check at the cafe, as long as you promise not to buy a PlayStation.

I am sure this will cause much pulsation. It cannot be easy for those desperate to inhabit the innards of robots and heroes to decide whether to plump for Microsoft or Sony. (The Xbox One's release date is November 22.)

While PlayStation offered a peculiar appeal to nostalgia earlier this week -- one where the console changed, but the bedroom stayed a mess (embedded below) -- Xbox is going to make noise and more noise.

So come on, which is it going to be? Or shall we go on vacation instead?