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Microsoft's new Windows 8 ads out-indie Apple

If you thought indie music is Apple's territory, do think again. New Windows 8 ads feature lovely indie and up-and-coming bands. Because Windows 8 is up and coming, geddit?

Microsoft/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Good old Microsoft.

It's now good, cool, noisy, young, lissom, up-and-coming Microsoft.

How do I know? Because I've just been looking at some new TV ads for Windows 8 and they're not only energetic and joyous and delightfully happening, they're also featuring indie music.

This was once thought only Apple's preserve.

I am grateful to VentureBeat for happening upon these new great works, for they do make Apple's ads look a little plaid and staid.

One, for example, features Best Coast, a band that creates happy music that makes skirts billow and sneakers bounce.

You might think this musical bent is somehow happenstantial. But no.

For Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc hummed in a blog post:

Music, the universal language, is at the heart of this campaign, highlighting a variety of indie and up and coming bands across the globe, such as Best Coast in the U.S, Lenka in China and Hogarth in Brazil. Regardless of country or language, the music universally is upbeat, positive and encouraging self-expression and experience.

Why would this upbeatness matter? Ah, LeBlanc explained, because Windows is "an open and inclusive brand."

Unlike, say, Apple -- which shuts you in, turns up the heat and lulls you into never leaving.

LeBlanc also revealed ads for Asia featuring the military discipline of urban leaping known as Parkour, as well as an indie band singing "Wo-oh, wo-oh" quite a lot.

Another ad dedicated for Asia and South-East Asia offers a beautifully hypnotic Bollywood rap a la Desi and attempts to express the idea of balancing work and play -- something Windows 8 attempts to do perfectly, as long as all goes smoothly.

The balance of work and play is very important in those parts of the world, as so many people there actually have jobs.

For Latin America, that work-play think is a little old. So there, Windows 8 focuses on partying your little heart out.

Oh, and then cleaning up afterward.

One cannot emphasize enough how lovely it is to see Microsoft making a little purposeful noise. It's all a bit lifestyley for my taste, but at least it doesn't attempt to ram the product down your throat by boring you with specs of some sort.

And then there's the invigorating music.

Good young Microsoft? Can you imagine it?