Microsoft's new Surface TV ad: It's surface deep

Continuing its embrace of fast-paced music and general jollity, Microsoft debuts an ad for Surface with singing, dancing, and lots of clicking.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
It's a veritable danceathon. Microsoft/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

How much of a song and dance can Microsoft make about its products these days?

More than can fit on your Zune. (You still have your Zune, right?)

I am grateful to the Verge for locating the first, infinitely anticipated, TV spot for Redmond's new Surface -- which debuts tonight during Monday Night Football.

This ad stands (and dances) proud. For it declares that Surface is less of a product and more of a movement.

Now some movements are good and some can be painful. This is one could be both.

For this movement involves everyone grabbing their Surface and making clicking noises. This, before they dance away like happy people should.

Everyone will proudly sit in public places, whip out their Surfaces, and start clicking their products into action. This might well disturb your lunchtime, your school break, or even your love life.

The Next Click Thing Is Already Here? Oh, wait, someone already has that line, right?

Just as with Microsoft's new ad for Windows 8, at least this thing isn't insipid. It even features a couple of senior citizens kissing. That's how modern it is.

You only have to wait until October 26 to perfect your pirouettes in anticipation of this fine new product, which seems as sweet, innocent and colorful as this ad.

However, I know that there is a disturbing proportion of dance-averse rationalists that stalk these pages. The only dance they can tolerate is the financial tango. They will be asking: how much does this little twirler cost?

Regretfully, this ad clicks straight past that issue.

It is truly so exciting not knowing until the very last second how much you have to save to be the first to make that clicking noise in front of your friends.