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Microsoft's new emojis include more skin tones, families and a gun

Amid a rollout of new emojis, Microsoft is putting away its toy gun in favor of a real one.

You can customize an emoji to look like your family.

It's been an emotive week in the emoji world. Microsoft has overhauled its emojis, the company said in a blog post Thursday. Among the 1,700 new emojis rolling out with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is a real gun that takes the place of a toy gun.

When asked about the gun, Microsoft said this in a statement: "Our intent with every glyph is to align with the global Unicode standard, and the previous design did not map to industry designs or our customers' expectations of the emoji definition."

Also new, users can create emojis to represent their families or significant others, as well as adjust skin tones.

"If your husband is dark-toned and you're light-toned and your two kids are a blend of both, you can apply all of those modifiers to create your own personal family emoji, one that's sincerely representative," the post said.

The change comes a few days after Apple revealed updates to its emojis, including the addition of more diversity and the replacement of its real gun with a water gun. Microsoft and Apple just made opposite moves, in other words.

Update, 10:49 a.m. PT: Adds comment from Microsoft.