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Microsoft's nasty, nasty anti-Google ad magically appears

An ad that was originally made just for internal purposes osmoses onto the Web, coincidentally as Google's I/O conference is under way.


Please play a game with me.

Who dislikes whom more? Google or Microsoft?

I only ask because at Wednesday's I/O conference Google's chief preacher, Larry Page, bemoaned what he believes is Microsoft's reluctance to do what Google wants.

No, he didn't quite phrase it like that. It was more berating Redmond for allegedly milking Google for its own profits.

Yes, just like Google milks you.

For its part, Microsoft has spent quite some time claiming that Google is, in fact, Scroogle -- a company that is either Scrooge or screwing you or perhaps even both.

Microsoft would like you to believe it is right. How could Google ever be the victim of anything but the world's intellectual inadequacies?

So, in an attempt to help you choose sides, an ad appeared Thursday that describes Google as little more than an immoral, rapacious organization that makes Halliburton seem like a baby powder manufacturer.

It uses Google's own style in a Chrome ad (embedded below), with its colorful bouncing ball bounding about the screen.

It declares that Google is watching you all the time because it wants to make money out of you all the time. Yes, even when you're having a kidney removed or a bowel inspected by a tiny camera.

Google is the most invasive thing on the planet since the menace of Genghis.

Microsoft confirmed to VentureBeat that this opus was, indeed, produced for internal use.

Who would be surprised that after Page's singling out of Redmond, someone at Microsoft thought it was time to double down?

It is time, therefore, to vote.

That is, unless, tomorrow, Google removes all mention of a company called Microsoft from Google Search.