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Microsoft's Kin gets tribute site

Redmond's not-so-smart phone may not have lasted beyond infancy, but one online tribute site wants to make sure the product's memory lives on.

Microsoft's Kin only survived a few weeks, but a tribute Web site has been set up to make sure that Redmond's phones are not soon forgotten.

The Kin Two, seen here in happier days. CNET

The KinRIP.com site features pictures of the twin phones as well as places for people to leave their own testimonials and light a virtual candle to the social-media oriented phone that Microsoft discontinued earlier this week. And be sure to have the sound turned on to hear the incredibly sappy rendition of "Gone Too Soon."

"It was the Pontiac Aztec of cell phones," wrote Mark Cordova in one tribute. "It will be missed."

The Kin memorial site is the brainchild of Shmuel Tennenhaus, a Seattle native who has created sites in the past such as Ask a Jew, vanitykippah.com, and Bingandking.com, a mashup of Microsoft's search engine and Don King's hair.

Tennenhaus said he didn't have a Kin himself, nor did he know anyone personally with one. (He said he did know someone who knew someone who had one, but they worked on the Kin team).

"Kin lived a short life, but it will be remembered for a long time," Tennenhaus said in an e-mail interview. "So, I spent $10 and 15 minutes creating an easy place for people to light a candle in memory."