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Microsoft VP creates perfume that smells of money

Patrick McCarthy, a vice president of sales at Microsoft, decides that what the world needs (men and women) is a fragrance that is pure money.

If you, like me, sometimes wander around Sephora and find that all the perfumes seem to smell the same, I bring you the odor of change.

It's called Money. It's the nosechild of Microsoft VP of Sales Patrick McCarthy. And it gives off a fragrance of brand new bills.

His Money Cologne and Her Money Eau de Parfum are, quite clearly, what the material world has needed for a long time.

Sometimes, it's hard when you're out on the town, in search of someone who can pay their own cab fare home (or yours), to know who is flush with cash and who is merely on the take as well as on the pull.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

McCarthy, presumably already a rich man, told AOL News: "I really feel that people who wear this will feel more confident."

He may well be right. Dollar bills have an evocative smell, combining all the lushness of Amazonian vegetation (their roots) with the freshness of aircraft fuel at JFK.

McCarthy reportedly says he was first enchanted by the idea when he saw a study from Japan that declared workers became more worker-like when the smell of cash was injected into their working environment.

Then, in a clearly fateful moment, he learned that Larry Murrison, a man known as "The Nose" in the perfume business, lived a mere three miles from McCarthy's home.

Kismet begat Nosemet.

While you are still reading this, you can hotfinger it to, where you will be able to part with a mere $35 in order to smell like, perhaps, $50 or $60.

Very soon, you will be able to bank on the fact that you have become more attractive to your target sex. And you'll feel a lot more comfortable with the idea that others merely want you for your Money.