Microsoft tugs at heartstrings with Windows ad

Its latest TV commercial features a cute 4-year-old in an effort to show Windows as warm and fuzzy.

Microsoft's new Windows ad made its expected debut over the weekend, with a 4-year-old cutie named Kylie showing how easy it is to use Windows Live Photo Gallery to edit and share photos.

As I noted last week, Microsoft is pushing ahead with new spots in its Windows ad campaign after taking some time off following the Gates/Seinfeld and "I'm a PC" spots.

In the new spot, which debuted during the Grammy Awards Sunday (and is embedded below), Kylie shows how she uses the program to touch up her photo and then share it with her family via e-mail.

"I'm a PC and I am four and a half," she says to end the commercial.

After getting a lukewarm response with humor, is cute what Microsoft needs to sell Windows?