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Microsoft tries to show its cupid side

The company's Channel 10 developer site has posted <i>The Microsoft Guide to Valentine's Day</i>.

Ina Fried Former Staff writer, CNET News
During her years at CNET News, Ina Fried changed beats several times, changed genders once, and covered both of the Pirates of Silicon Valley.
Ina Fried

Microsoft, not necessarily known for being the company for hopeless romantics, is home to at least one.

In a posting on the Channel 10 developer site, Laura Foy put together a list of Redmond products that show that "Microsoft is a super romantic love machine of a company."

In the somewhat tongue-in-cheek video, Foy shows how the company's Web services, in particular, can keep February 14 from being a bust.

"Are you a bit of mess when it comes to Valentine's Day?" Foy asks in the text that accompanies her video. "Are you nervous and lost when put under the pressure of being extra romantic on February 14th? Well, not any longer...Microsoft has services and products that will make SURE your sweetie feels nothing but love from you this Valentine's Day."

Then, in a hint that true hard-core techies may find necessary, Foy reminds readers that Valentine's Day is in fact coming up this Saturday.

Update: This kind of post is more what I'd expect from Microsoft. Tell me, even in Redmond, do you really get much Valentine's credit for sending a hug over IM?