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Microsoft tries new Zune ad push

The software maker kicks off a new campaign for its digital music players with the message "You make it you."

Aiming to have a new message for the holidays, Microsoft on Thursday launched a new advertising campaign for the Zune.

With the tagline "You make it you," the TV, print, and online ads all play off the theme of what would happen if one cracked open a Zune and all of one's digital media spilled out.


The TV spots, which will start running on cable networks, are directed by Patrick Daughters, while the print spots and banner ads feature "up and coming illustrators" from across the globe, Microsoft said. The new ads are designed to coincide with the expansion of the Zune family, which will include 4GB and 8GB flash versions as well as an 80GB hard drive-based model to go along with its original 30GB size.

The key question for Microsoft is how many of "you" will actually buy its products, rather than one of the new iPods.